> Followed photographer Mario + Testino shot, Michael Kors 2013 Spring Ad Campaign to blue sky and water, sunny California shooting. Comfortable and casual wearing oversized sweater and white dress, Karmen + Pedaru and sexy male model Simon + Nessman will be here to expand a romantic trip. June 17, 2013, the famous American designer Michael + Kors + Mike Gao Shi in China headquarters in Shanghai Kerry Centre new showroom media preview held in 2013 autumn series. Collection of media and fashion scene to witness Michael + Kors +2013 new new fall series release. Michael + Kors season design is full of urban movement of wind and high society elegance, filling the American minimalist fashion. 2013 autumn and winter haute couture show in the February 13, 2013 in New York publishing. In the background, Michael Kors Outlet this to models who said: "You are fast-paced, sporty and fashionable. Whether from the Lower East Side to the Upper East Side ...... you can make others jealous as hell!" Many suit style looks like designed for speed; black patent leather trim and decorative dividing line evokes memories of racing or diving. For the evening, it is a small tight mini skirt with waist skirt length extending to the rear of the ground
Marc by Marc Jacobs 2013 autumn and winter haute couture show in the February 11, 2013 in New York publishing. Marc Jacobs staged this season is not the usual low-key college wind, but a little more attention on the hair and makeup, but also some more sexy integration. Through printing patterns, elegant proportions and soft sheen, plus the Roxy show the use of music, we like back in the 1940s. According to reports, Michael Kors Handbags beauty products by Estée Lauder Estée Lauder's Aramis & Designer Fragrances division agent to the designer's grandmother and mother as inspiration into Sporty (Sports), Sexy (sexy) and Glam (charming) 3 Series, Each type comes with its unique qualities will launch a perfume, $ 24 two colors of lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish $ $ 24 $ $ 18. Other products also include a $ 50 three-color powder, powder brush $ 45, $ 45 to 60 of the three body lotion, $ 32, $ 28 two kinds of sunscreen lotion and after-sun repair balm.
Ocean known designer Michael Kors (Mike Cole), is the current trend of many synonymous - luxury sport style, gorgeous casual style, and walk in the spirit of mix and match a variety of styles. However, if it comes to personal style Michael Kors indispensable, also, Mr. Michael Kors always adhere to the necessary accessories, is chic and stylish aviator glasses. "They are moving, simple, widely beloved and timeless." "Fashion's Night Out" has become an iconic fashion feast, exclusive fashion items that we enjoy the feast of fashion, "Michael Kors said: "There is nothing better than" Fashion's Night Out "celebration can muster a better fashion fans from around the world together carnival it? "Carnival Night exclusive single product only in the specified Micheal Kors Outlet boutique offering and sold only in the evening. 2013's "Fashion's Night Out", including four New York stores (667 Madison Avenue, Rockefeller Center, SoHo district and Flatiron District), London, Madrid, Tokyo flagship store, including 100 Micheal Kors Monopoly Shop,Michael Kors Outlet,then will extend the hours of operation, celebration activities organized fashion, music, refreshments apart, more limited edition "Fashion's Night Out" products sold. Visit "Fashion's Night Out" official website, quite Teles Superbrands month came! Numerous international designer fashion brand line of super-sought-after single product and will debut the ultimate fashion on your fingertips and place! Presents for you this week is a super brand Michael Kors, since Michael Kors launched in the 1980s tailored luxury sportswear series, his design in the stars, celebrities and fashion insiders became a hit. Designed for urban fashion design, Michael Kors's works are cut neat, generous real wear. Discount 80% off, all in THE OUTNET.CN quite Teles!
From July onwards, Michael Kors staff will go on a normal working day "passing the love of God 'organizations to participate in volunteer service. From New York and New Jersey 400 employee volunteers, will be "passing the love of God," the kitchen to help prepare meals. "God's love" Every day nearly 4,500 meals will be prepared to give to those in New York, Newark, Michael Kors Handbags,New Jersey, Hudson County, and poor populations. "God's love to those supplies due to illness can not personally shopping or cooking crowd, which is great," Kors said, "These people are suffering from AIDS. Cancer and other serious illnesses. This organization offers free services to them and I can not think of The greater cooperation organized. "To celebrate the move, a Michael Kors banner of" passing the love of God, "top of the building, the building is located in Spring Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan street corner. As part of the activities of this initiative, the designer himself and the company director and CEO John Idol will volunteer to play in the kitchen responsibilities. October 15, Michael Kors gold in the heart of the organization's annual awards dinner was awarded the 2012 Golden Heart Award for lifetime achievement honor.