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Rua da Felicidade 65-67, Macau     澳門福隆新街65-67號

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Welcome to SanVa Hostel

Established since the beginning of the 20th century, SanVa Hostel has long been a landmark situated right on the historic Rua da Felicidade, one of the eight Classified Architecture Groups in Macao. Being the existing oldest guesthouse in Macau, SanVa Hostel wins innumerable hearts from all over the world.  It is a good-valued budget guesthouse being introduced and recommended in popular travel blogs, magazines and media. This charming guesthouse is also a filming ground for many award winning movies, a shooting background for exquisite fashion magazines and a source of inspiration for travel documentaries.

SanVa Hostel is a simple yet elegant tavern and has been in business for over 80 years. The site was originally a private club house built in around 1873.  Later it was transformed into a guesthouse in 1930's to meet the increasing accommodation demand of families migrated from the mainland to Macau during the period of the war. The traditional Southern Chinese architectural style of both the exterior and interior of the building is largely preserved. This four-story, hundred-year old heritage is marked legitimately as a historic site along with the street Rue da Felicidade in front of the guesthouse.  It perfectly blends modern amenities with the old grandeur of a superb historic town. You can vividly reminisce the liveliness of Macau of  the 30's, or the lavish life style of former times tycoon, or when man-power carts were still all over the street, or when water-pipe smoking and cricket fighting were still amongst the most popular entertainments....

SanVa Hostel is highly recommended by renowned travel guides as a great worth for tourists accommodation.  Stay with us. You are guaranteed an unforgettable experience in  Macau!



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